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Mathematical Mind-Benders book

Mathematical Mind-Benders book

Mathematical Mind-Benders. Peter Winkler

Mathematical Mind-Benders

ISBN: 9781568813363 | 160 pages | 4 Mb

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Mathematical Mind-Benders Peter Winkler
Publisher: CRC Press

I heard a presentation today from Jason Zimba, one of the lead authors of the Common Core State Standards for Math, where he put this question up on a slide. The setting of the show naturally lends itself to math and science jokes, and in this department Futurama does not disappoint. Mind benders: Understanding matter on the atomic scale. Bender eagerly switches minds with Amy at this point, for reasons that aren't important here. Imagine you place a Wrap your mind around that concept. The problems range from “mind-benders” that require little Mathematical skills to problems that require the knowledge of geometry, trigonometry and beginning calculus. I meant to say "genre benders." Ha! Some will require keen mathematical skill, others an ability to recognise abstract patterns, but all our puzzles are supremely logical and can be solved with the right approach. The degree of difficulty keeps rising in each of the 31 sections, so work through them in methodical order to find mathematical patterns that seem to reoccur and visual clues that overlap. By JOE KULLMAN In fact, thinking about the nanoscale universe is mind bending. No calculators are permitted for this competition. That helps as the problems get harder, but beware: just when you think you're caught on to the trick, it changes. Crypto Mind Benders® develop mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills that are vital to achieving academic and lifelong success.